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Paramount Agricole is a leading Qatari Agricultural Company engaged in Mushrooms, Vegetables, Animal farming and other side products like Mung Beans Sprouts, Tofu, etc. Paramount Agricole emphasizes on producing healthy products and use of up to date scientific approaches such as biological systems. Paramount Agricole is certified as “Organic Mushroom Farm” (GCC / European Standards) and “Premium Quality Vegetables Farm” by Ministry of Agriculture of The State of Qatar. Quality and Reliability are our driving forces.

Delivery Facilities

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks is there to ensure delivery of quality products on time. Our trucks are refrigerated to maintain the quality of our supplies and are ample enough to ensure on time delivery.

Quality Standards

We have high Quality Standards and we never compromise it. We make sure that the inputs we use in our production, the machinery we use, our production...

Storage Facilities

We have the most dependable storage facilities of adequate size and optimum temperature. The inputs in the growing of mushrooms (compost and casing) and the final product (the mushrooms)..


We believe that our staff are key to our success. We pride ourselves for building knowledgeable, motivated and disciplined team. We value all members of this marvelous team: labors, team leaders, shift leaders, drivers..


Paramount Agricole has fully equipped state of the art growing rooms. The size gives ample flexibility to increase production to meet sudden or projected market needs.
The sets of equipment are the latest technology in the field hence ensuring efficiency and quality.

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